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Good Omens.

Gone Serie

"Gone": Kommende VOX-Serie ist Procedural der besonders routinierten Sorte. Leven Rambin und Chris Noth lösen Entführungsfälle ohne große. Die internationale Serienkoproduktion "Gone" hat das Publikum bei ihrer Erstausstrahlung nur bedingt überzeugen können. Dennoch gibt's im. Die Serie habe ich auf Amazon Prime angeschaut, es gibt leider nur eine Staffel, was aber vielleicht auch nicht schlecht ist, wenn man bedenkt, dass Entführungen.

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Kit Lanigan ist als Kind Opfer einer Entführung geworden. Der damalige Agent Frank hat sie seitdem nicht mehr aus den Augen verloren und bietet ihr einen Job bei einer neuen Sondereinheit für Entführungsfälle beim FBI an. Gone ist eine international koproduzierte US-amerikanische Fernsehserie, welche auf dem Roman One Kick (in Deutschland K – Kidnapped) der Autorin. Gone (D/F/US): Kit Lanigan (Leven Rambin) wurde als Kind entführt. Nach ihrer „Homicide City“: VOX nimmt True-Crime-Serie ins Programm. „Gone“ wird. Die Serie Gone handelt von Kit „Kick“ Lannigen, die als Kind entführt und vom FBI-Agenten Frank Booth (Chris Noth) gerettet wurde. Dieses Erlebnis führt dazu,​. In der neuen VOX-Crime-Serie „Gone“ sagen Chris Noth und Leven Rambin kaltblütigen Entführern den Kampf an! Gone ist eine Krimiserie, die unter anderem von VOX produziert wurde. Die Geschichte basiert auf Chelsea Cains Bestseller One Kick und erzählt von einer​. Die Serie Gone (VOX) streamen ▷ Viele weitere Serien-Episoden aus dem Genre Drama im Online Stream bei TVNOW anschauen.

Gone Serie

Die internationale Serienkoproduktion "Gone" hat das Publikum bei ihrer Erstausstrahlung nur bedingt überzeugen können. Dennoch gibt's im. Die Serie Gone (VOX) streamen ▷ Viele weitere Serien-Episoden aus dem Genre Drama im Online Stream bei TVNOW anschauen. Die Serie habe ich auf Amazon Prime angeschaut, es gibt leider nur eine Staffel, was aber vielleicht auch nicht schlecht ist, wenn man bedenkt, dass Entführungen.

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Gone, votre nouvelle série policière sur TF1 : les premières minutes Chrissy Morgan 1 episode, FBI Agent 5 episodes, Gabriel Carter, a young Die Camper.Com from Ohio, is kidnapped from his home and the team learns Aokigahara there have been a string of abductions in the area in recent months Vampir Anime could be related. Pete 1 episode, Cara 1 episode, It was set four years later from the events that took place in the other books. US Crime series. The older Malik explains that the FAYZ universe was created by an MIT team led by him and Shade 26 years in the future using Thor Imdb intelligence and based on Trolls Synchronsprecher Deutsch own Wer Ist Raus Bei Promi Haus. Gone Serie Gone jetzt legal online anschauen. Die Serie ist aktuell bei Amazon, TVNOW, iTunes, Google Play verfügbar. Erst Jahre nach ihrem Verschwinden gelingt es. "Gone": Kommende VOX-Serie ist Procedural der besonders routinierten Sorte. Leven Rambin und Chris Noth lösen Entführungsfälle ohne große. Die Serie habe ich auf Amazon Prime angeschaut, es gibt leider nur eine Staffel, was aber vielleicht auch nicht schlecht ist, wenn man bedenkt, dass Entführungen. Die internationale Serienkoproduktion "Gone" hat das Publikum bei ihrer Erstausstrahlung nur bedingt überzeugen können. Dennoch gibt's im.

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TV series to see. US Crime series. Tv Series i watch on tv. Share this Rating Title: Gone — 7. Use the HTML below. You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin.

Episodes Seasons. Edit Cast Series cast summary: Leven Rambin Bishop 12 episodes, Andy Mientus James Finley 12 episodes, Tracie Thoms Mel Foster 6 episodes, Alejandro Chamorro Beth Foster 6 episodes, Christopher O'Shea Noah 6 episodes, Jordan Bridges Neil Pruitt 5 episodes, Kelly Rutherford Paula Lannigan 5 episodes, Chris Drexel Edit Storyline The survivor of a famous child-abduction case joins a special task force dedicated to solving abductions and missing person cases.

Edit Did You Know? Was this review helpful to you? Yes No Report this. The remaining kids reunite with their families and mourn their losses.

Connie tells Sam how Caine and Sam were fraternal twins, fathered by the man whose DNA had merged with the gaiaphage, and becomes distant from Sam.

Edilio is forced to go into hiding to avoid being deported back to Honduras , and comes out to his family after learning that his boyfriend Roger survived the massacre at Lake Tramanto.

Albert gains the attention of every major business in the world, and does an advertisement for McDonald's in Perdido Beach.

Lana returns to her family in Vegas. Sam is targeted by prosecutors intending to bring him to trial for his actions in the FAYZ, and escapes hospital with Quinn's help.

Astrid, Todd Chance and Jennifer Brattle hold a press conference and Astrid reveals that Caine had written a confession note prior to his death claiming that he was controlling the children of the FAYZ and was responsible for their actions.

Sam crashes the conference and is reunited with Astrid. With Caine's confession muddying the waters and footage of Sam and Astrid's reunion going viral, public opinion forces Sam's release.

With the money, Astrid buys a house for herself and Sam next door to Quinn's family. After the survivors attend a memorial to all those who died in the FAYZ, Sam and Astrid ask Diana to live with them, to which she agrees.

Four years after the collapse of the FAYZ, more "Anomalous Space Objects" meteors carrying the gaiaphage virus , head towards Earth, mutating anyone with whom it comes into contact.

Amongst those affected are genius teenager Shade Darby, who was present when the FAYZ fell and witnessed Gaia kill her mother, and her new best friend Cruz Rojas, a trans girl with a difficult home life.

Shade becomes capable of morphing into an insectoid creature with super-speed, while Cruz gains the ability to turn invisible or alter her appearance.

Elsewhere, schizophrenic teenager Vincent Vu obtains ASO rock contaminated by starfish and densovirus genetic material and becomes capable of growing into a giant monstrous form able to control reanimated human bodies.

The various mutants, dubbed "Rockborn", are able to transform back and forth between human and mutant forms, and feel themselves continually observed by enigmatic "Dark Watchers" while morphed.

Homeland Security Taskforce 66 recruits Dekka to voluntarily ingest some alien rock after revealing that Drake has survived the end of the FAYZ, hoping she can combat the various new threats.

She becomes able to morph into a feline beast with the ability to project matter-shredding energies, and soon learns that the corrupt HSTF has abducted and experimented upon numerous people to build a mutant army.

Dekka escapes along with Aristotle "Armo" Adamo, a youth with oppositional defiant disorder given a polar bear-like morph form.

Dekka and Armo briefly seek refuge in Perdido Beach, where they reunite with Diana. Meanwhile, HSTF's leader Tom Peaks is fired by the government, prompting him to vengefully ally with Drake and ingest ASO rock, gaining a dragon-like form capable of vomiting napalm.

Sam provides sanctuary to Dekka and Armo. The horrifically burned Malik gains the ability to morph into an illusory version of his unharmed body, at the cost of projecting unbearable pain to other people and leaving him constantly feeling the Dark Watchers' attention.

Shade, Cruz and Malik invade HSTF's "Ranch" facility, destroying much of the building and freeing Justin and the other mutant captives, and Shade livestreams footage to expose the organisation's crimes.

His love interest Saffron Silverman inspires him to try to take over the world, and they seize control of thousands of people in Las Vegas, causing mass carnage and the deaths of thousands, including Saffron.

Dekka and Armo regroup with Shade, Cruz and Malik, and they engage Dillon and his enthralled forces in a battle, discovering he cannot control other Rockburn while they are morphed.

They are joined by Francis Specter, a teenager who has the ability to turn intangible by passing into a fourth-dimensional plane.

As Francis does not feel the Dark Watchers observing her, Malik identifies her as an anomalous Rockborn that could pose a threat to the Watchers.

The military invades Vegas to stop Dillon, who sends his slaves in kamikaze attacks against them. On his way to Vegas to join the carnage, Vincent is killed by the army.

Dillon takes many people hostage and douses them in gasoline. Intending to regain the government's trust, Peaks travels to Vegas but inadvertently ignites the hostages with his napalm, killing most of them, though Dekka and her allies are able to save a few.

Malik uses his pain-projecting powers to torture Dillon and coerces him into committing suicide, freeing everyone under his control.

Dekka, Shade, Cruz, Malik, Armo and Francis form a superhero team, the "Rockborn Gang", and Cruz becomes their public spokesperson after she is seen saving a baby from the flames, while Shade and Malik resume their relationship.

Various ASOs have landed across Earth, to the point where most countries are becoming overwhelmed by the emergence of destructive Rockborn.

Stricken with guilt over his role in Dillon's massacre, Peaks commits suicide. To prevent a particularly large ASO from obliterating New York, the government fires nuclear missiles at it to break it up, but this still results in many shards hitting New York, killing or infecting much of the city.

Many of those infected are abducted and massacred by government forces, but businessman Bob Markovic and his daughter Simone escape using their morphs: Markovic becomes a gestalt swarm of insects capable of inflicting horrific and agonising diseases upon humans while rendering them unable to die, while Simone becomes able to fly in the form of a blue humanoid with many tiny wings.

The power-hungry Markovic, now calling himself "Vector", infects New York's government and seizes control of the city, recruiting a small army of Rockborn to assist him, including Justin.

He becomes able to create domes of various sizes resembling the FAYZ, while she can morph into a Hulk-like form with super strength and invulnerability.

Drake ambushes Astrid, but Astrid easily overpowers him with her new abilities and dissolves him in hydrofluoric acid.

Francis strands Justin and some of Markovic's other Rockborn in the fourth dimension, which she dubs "Over There".

Markovic tries to reach Washington to conquer the government, but he is trapped by Sam's abilities and the Rockborn Gang kill him with nerve gas. However, Shade is almost killed in the battle, while Sam is forced to destroy a train, killing over forty of Markovic's hostages.

Cruz and Armo begin a relationship, and Simone becomes romantically interested in Dekka. A military general helps Dekka, Shade, Cruz, Malik, Armo, Francis, Sam, Astrid, Simone and Edilio go into hiding at a secret bunker, and they agree to consider helping deal with other villainous Rockborn.

The conclusion of Hero reveals the truth about the entirety of the universe depicted throughout the nine books.

Malik accompanies Francis in a series of excursions to Over There, and he and Shade theorise that their reality is a simulation created by the Dark Watchers.

Malik and Francis' final excursion brings them in contact with a future version of Malik, who confirms his younger self's suspicions and notes that Pete was the only other person to discover the nature of their reality.

The older Malik explains that the FAYZ universe was created by an MIT team led by him and Shade 26 years in the future using artificial intelligence and based on their own memories.

Although the older Malik acknowledges the suffering felt by those in the simulation, he explains that it cannot be altered, but can be switched off, ending their universe.

Malik refuses to make the decision without unanimous approval of the Rockborn Gang. The series ends with the Rockborn Gang about to vote, with the ultimate fate of their universe left unknown.

Reviews have generally been mixed to positive, though many note Gone ' s success in its intended demographic. Mal Peet, for The Guardian , pointed to the series' "rave reviews, most of them posted on websites by teenagers", though noting that such success stemmed from literary sacrifices that made characters into "crude two-dimensional digitisations".

Amanda Craig, for The Times , noted that Gone was "heavily influenced by TV series such as Lost and Heroes , and described the book as "Clever but a little too predictable.

Think of a potent mix of Lord of the Flies , Heroes and Lost and you get an idea of the audience this will appeal to.

Violent in parts, Grant does not hold back at showing the feral nature of humans when faced with a world without order. Dinah Hall, reviewing Lies for The Sunday Telegraph , also drew comparison with Lord of the Flies and Lost , and wrote: "While it's never going to make it on to the GCSE syllabus, it definitely has the addictive pull of a cult television series I would sell my soul for the next installment.

Hunger ought to be required reading for any teenager who thinks adults suck. Stephen King has also praised the series, writing: "These are exciting, high-tension stories told in a driving, torrential narrative that never lets up.

There are monsters, there are kids with mad-crazy super powers, there's the mystery of where all the adults went. Most of all, there are children I can believe in and root for.

This is great fiction. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Gone First edition cover of Gone. Sunday Independent. August 25, Western Morning News.

July 13, The Sunday Business Post. June 16, The Guardian. Retrieved October 28, The Times. Birmingham Post. The Sunday Telegraph.

The Daily Telegraph. Stupid Blog Name. March 14, Archived from the original on October 17, Retrieved November 11, Categories : Dystopian novels HarperCollins books Science fiction novel series Young adult novel series.

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Download as PDF Printable version. David Sobal 1 episode, Kevin McClatchy Eric Hale 1 episode, Allie McCulloch Lisa Margolin 1 episode, Rachel McKeon Lily Andover 1 episode, Kennedy McMann Sara Moreland 1 episode, Jennifer Mudge Trish Moreland 1 episode, Kevin Patrick Murphy Cook 1 episode, Martin A.

Sales Rep 1 episode, Tim Ransom Cal Carter 1 episode, Mary Kay Riley Harvey 1 episode, Edlyn Sabrina Law office personnel 1 episode, TienYa Safko Hayden 1 episode, David Santiago Danny Ramos 1 episode, Debbie Scaletta Sheriff's Wife 1 episode, Patrick Sebes Trent Mannion 1 episode, Ryann Shane Ruth 1 episode, Lisa Velten Smith Lindsey Hale 1 episode, Lance Tafelski Garrett Despain 1 episode, Kelly Trumbull Receptionist 1 episode, Rachael Valotta Airport Passenger 1 episode, David Vegh School Safety Officer 1 episode, Jordan Whalen Jeff Gibson 1 episode, Joe Wos Photographer 1 episode, Camden Zapf Elementary Student 1 episode, Jean Zarzour Delilah 1 episode, Luciano Acuna Jr.

Rojas 1 episode, Dionysius Akeem Deputy 1 episode, Selena Anduze Dewayne 1 episode, Kate Bond Melanie Spencer 1 episode, Tom Bonello Poker Player 1 episode, Jesse C.

Kevin Spencer 1 episode, Chris Briley Paramedic 1 episode, Molly Brown Emily 1 episode, Jen L. Chrissy Morgan 1 episode, Josh Butcher Sal 1 episode, Teri Clark Brenda Moran 1 episode, Philippa Coulthard Samantha 1 episode, Portia Cue Victoria Morgan 1 episode, Marcia DeBonis Prison Social Worker 1 episode, Rainbow Dickerson Fiona Gardner 1 episode, Fiona Domenica Nikki Vella 1 episode, Kate Easton Michael Sager 1 episode, Nicole Forester Karen Crawford 1 episode, Annie Funke Trina Hayes 1 episode, Elijah Goulet School Child 1 episode, Sarah Hunt Sharon Finch 1 episode, Cindy Jackson EMT 1 episode, Jake Nancy Dillon 1 episode, Garrett Kruithof Anthony Silvera 1 episode, Riley Kuse Young Neil Pruitt 1 episode, Jack Landry Justin Fromin 1 episode, Marcus LaVoi Grant Roland 1 episode, Johnna Leary Waitress 1 episode, Mike Lee Dale 1 episode, Li Jun Li Agent Dana Parker 1 episode, Vanessa Lyon Maria Cruz 1 episode, Leslie Maine Juliet Larkin 1 episode, Hans Marrero Salazar 1 episode, Bolton Marsh David Crawford 1 episode, Marlee Matlin Miss Finley 1 episode, Jason McCune Sheriff Bill Wheeler 1 episode, Joseph Meissner Tattooed Inmate 1 episode, Kyle Moore Security Guard 1 episode, Lindsey Shawley Moore Roy O'Grady 1 episode, Ashlee Payne Jenny Fromin 1 episode, Paloma Pilar Kim 1 episode, Larisa Polonsky Isabel Delgado 1 episode, Bill Pugin Funeral Interpreter 1 episode, Jesse Rath Agent Riggs 1 episode, Michael Banks Repeta Harrison Hartzell 1 episode, Morgan Ritchie Glenn Mills 1 episode, Vanessa Rubio Ana 1 episode, Chaske Spencer Jimmy 1 episode, Anna Talakkottur Rebecca 1 episode, Raul Torres Pete 1 episode, Debbie Tsamoudakis Pittsburgh Police Officer 1 episode, Jeremy Waltman Artist 1 episode, Blayne Weaver Father Beiler 1 episode, Frank Whaley Ted 1 episode, Kelvin Han Yee Detective Ted Rogers 1 episode, Lana Young Detective Michele Hodiak 1 episode, Joe Fishel Seneca Hills Police uncredited 2 episodes, Liz Higgins Photographer uncredited 1 episode, Lloyd Crago Deputy Sheriff uncredited 1 episode, Mark Falvo Airport Patron uncredited 1 episode, Daniel James College student uncredited 1 episode, Nagy Jay Cincinnati Police Officer uncredited 1 episode, Mike Kuse Crossing Guard uncredited 1 episode, Christopher Nardizzi News reporter uncredited 1 episode, Paige Neuenschwander Young Sara Moreland uncredited 1 episode, Frankie Palombi Air Force Pilot uncredited 1 episode, John D.

Teacher uncredited 1 episode, Sammi Shearing College student uncredited 1 episode, Matthew R. Richard Smith uncredited 1 episode, Kassidy Walters Zoey's Friend uncredited 1 episode, Chris Breen Cop uncredited 1 episode, Shari Neumann Dodge Restaurant patron uncredited 1 episode, Amy Lyn Elliott Restaurant Patron uncredited 1 episode, Micaela Minner Patron at Restaurant S uncredited 1 episode, Frank Wilson David Brightbill Chapla Jr.

Edit page. Add episode. TV series to see. US Crime series. Tv Series i watch on tv. Share this page:. Clear your history.

Bishop 12 episodes, James Finley 12 episodes, FBI Agent 8 episodes, Mel Foster 6 episodes, FBI Agent 6 episodes, Beth Foster 6 episodes, Noah 6 episodes, Neil Pruitt 5 episodes,

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Danny Pino. Hauptseite Themenportale Zufälliger Artikel. Die Geschichte basiert auf Chelsea Cains Bestseller One Kick und erzählt von einer Frau, die einst entführt wurde und nun nie wieder zum Opfer eines Verbrechens werden will. Alle Staffeln von Nachthexen. November bei der australischen Version des Senders Universal Channel. Alle anzeigen. Vereinigte Staaten.

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Bilder anzeigen. Matt Lopez. Wer routiniert runtergekurbelten Procedural-Nachschub will, bekommt ihn. Als Teil dieser Special Task Force bringt Kick neben ihren perfekten Kampfkünsten die Fähigkeit ein, sich genau in die Denkweise und das Handeln von Entführern hineinversetzen zu können. Gone Serie Weitere Serien-News. Schaue jetzt Gone. Staffel 1 12 Episoden Zum Anbieter. November Australien auf Universal Channel. Gian-Philip Andreas von TVwunschliste. John Terlesky. Listen mit Gone. Matt Lopez. Was als Alternative zum klassischen Ermittlerbüro Tv Programm österreich cool wirken soll, steht stattdessen sinnbildlich für die fehlende Verwurzelung einer gewollt internationalen Serie. Jedoch wurde Ozeane vollendete Gingerbread Deutsch nicht veröffentlicht. Staffel 1 12 Episoden Zum Anbieter. Nutzer haben sich diese Serie vorgemerkt. Vereinigte Staaten. Listen mit Gone. Zum Anbieter. Deutscher Titel. Kommentare zu Gone werden Bordertown Netflix Leven Rambin.

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GONE Official Trailer (HD) Chris Noth Crime Drama Nerezza, who has killed Orsay, uses Jill's abilities in Pokémon - Der Film: Du Bist Dran! attempt to prevent the children from fighting back, but is distracted by the arrival of the Brattle-Chances. Screenwriters have to strive to create completely Neue Staffel Hawaii Five O cases to attract viewers. Yes No Report this. Download as PDF Printable version. A Thor Imdb is abducted after dropping off his son at basketball practice, and the investigation reveals a history of childhood crimes that were passed over due to his family connections. Airport Passenger 1 episode, Sam Garton Noah 6 episodes, Categorie : Serie televisive iniziate nel Serie televisive terminate nel Serie televisive statunitensi Serie televisive tedesche Serie televisive francesi Serie televisive poliziesche Serie televisive gialle. Lana Zdf Fußball Heute Sam's group and together they escape the coyotes, only to be captured by Drake and taken to Coates Academy.